Landscape & Tree Service



Q. Is grass painting dangerous or harmful to humans or animals?

A. No, grass painting is non-toxic and is completely safe for adults, children, and animals.


Q. How long does grass paint last?

A. Depending on foot traffic and how often lawn is mowed, the grass paint will typically

last 12 weeks. Factors that affect the amount of time the color will last include: the type

of grass, the grass’ condition, new growth, watering, and mowing. In most cases,

it can last up to 3 months, if not longer.


Q. Does it matter what kind of grass I have?

A. No, grass painting can be used on any type of lawn.


Q. Does it wash away with rain or sprinklers?

A. No, it is a permanent dye.  Once the dye is dry, there will not be any green

run-off with water.


Q. Will it kill the grass?

A. This product is used on grass that is already dead or stressed.  This dye will not prevent the grass fromgrowing back on its own.


Q. Does lawn painting work on dirt yards?

A. No, lawn painting is designed for grass yards.


Q. Do I have to do anything before getting my lawn painted?

1)  Stop watering to make sure there aren’t any damp areas.

2)  For a groomed look, trim and mow the grass, with the clippings removed. Rake and remove any leaves & clippings. An un-mowed, un-raked lawn will greatly shorten the length the color will last as well as the overall outcome.

3)  Remove animal waste.


Pricing Structure:

$300.00  Minimum

.40 cents per foot for jobs 0-2000 sq. ft.

.25 cents per foot for jobs 2001-5000 sq ft.

*An average front yard is usually around 1000 square feet.


**Commercial lawns:  For commercial pricing schedule a consultation